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Stappan Sjøprodukter AS is located in Gjesvær in the municipality of Nordkapp (North Cape).

Gjesvær is located in beautiful surroundings 34 km north-west of Honningsvåg, and 35 km from the North Cape cliff. The village has 120 inhabitants.

It was not until 1976 that a road connected us with the rest of the island. Up until then, you had to use boats to get to and from here. 


Stapapan Sjøprodukter AS(Stappan Seaproducts Inc) is a small-scale enterprise which concentrates on high quality fish products and tourism.

We focus largely on facilitating small groups and individual tourism, but also has the capacity to accommodate large groups (buses) for dining in our restaurant.

Development of new tourism-related products are in focus, and these will appear as they are made.

Already in the Viking age, Gjesvær was known as a trading post and fish station and was presumably the first location at Magerøya which had a permanent settlement


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