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We organise exclusive deep-sea fishing trips, King crab safaris, birdwatching safaris,

North Cape cruise and more.You can also try out Polar Night adventures out at sea in the moonlight and Northern Lights. You can also choose to take a trip where you select the program itself. Please contact us for an appointment

For trips out of season, just send a request via email: ro71no@stappan.com



Boat program


 •  Deep sea fishing

 •  Sea-eagle Safari
 •  King Crab Safari

 •  Bird watching Cruise
 •  North Cape cruises
 •  Midnight Sun Cruise



How to travel to North Cape Island


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Type of boat

The type of boat  we acquired was

specific to our business.

After 11 years of experience with

safari trips, we learned

how the trips can be made optimal.







NB Ardea 27 Pro

Tekniske data:
Lengde:   8,30 m - 27 fot
Bredde:   3 m
Dybde:   ca 85 cm

222 hk Yanmar





Regatta suits

All our guests are provided with

regatta suits that are very comfortable

and warm. The suits have also floating

element built in so that the suits meet

the requirements we set for safety.














































Here we are!

Kobbenesveien 8

9765 Gjesvær

Cellphone: +47 95037722

Email: ro71no@stappan.com








Request or booking ro71no@stappan.com



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Deep sea fishing


King Crab Safari


Bird - safari



Midnightsun Cruise


North Cape Cruise


Sea Eagle Safari

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