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I’m Roald Berg and the owner of the Terrassenrestaurant. I’m really pleased to welcome you in

Gjesvaer and to cosset you in my restaurant. Since many years,

I live now in this (to my mind) unique village and I know

the region like my own pocket. I truly hope that you can enjoy

every single day of your stay in Gjesvaer and I wish

you a lot of pleasure.


Language: English and Norwegian
Cellphone: +47 95037722

e-mail: ro71no@stappan.no

e-mail: ro71no@stappan.com







My name is Elena Berg and I welcome you in the apartments and in the Terrassen restaurant.

I’m responsible for your meals and I will give my best to satisfy you.

It’s a great pleasure to regale you with local dishes

of the Finnmark region.

I hope that you get to know and like some

culinary specialties of the region and I wish you

an unforgettable stay in Gjesvaer.


Language: Russian, English

and Norwegian
Cell Phone: +47 41347794













Here we are!

Kobbenesveien 8

9765 Gjesvær

Cellphone: +47 95037722

Email: ro71no@stappan.com



























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