Sea eagle safari


When puffin, razor-billed auk, common guillemot and kittiwake have left bird Island (after the 25th of august) we start with the eagle safaris. The trip takes around 3 hours.



The trip starts from Stappan Sjøprodukter i Gjesvær, and we set course towards the fish banks outside the bird preserve of Gjesværstappan.   Here we spend around 20 minutes catching fish that we use to attract the eagle to come closer to our boat. When we catch enough fish to attract the eagles, we move on to Stappan where we know the eagles hang around.

We throw out the fish and start waiting for the sea eagle to come.  If nothing happens, then we move to another place and try again. Usually it doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes before the eagles arrive.


The Northern gannet is still there with babies in the nest. It is known that the eagles in this area cause major  problems for the northern gannet and its babies, trying to eat the babies while the adult gannets fight to the The great cormorant is also well represented, but the eagle doesn’t seem to be so interested in that bird.


The eagles survive mainly by eating puffins and kittiwake during the summer season and it is not so easy to

come close to the eagles at that time. When the different birds leave, the eagle starts to get more interested in eating fish. That’s when we use the chance to attract the eagle close to the boat by throwing fresh fish we caught into the sea. Most of the time we manage to get the eagles attention this way.

In the past we have had up to 20 eagles flying close enough over the boat to get good pictures using any camera you might have.





Sea eagle safari

Stappan wildlife reserve


Season: 28.08 - 15.10


Standard Tour
Duration of Tour: Approximately 2,5 hours
Max number of persons: 6







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There are 800 couples in Norway,

which is half of the birds in Europe.

A great number of them are in Gjesvær.

More than half of its food is other

birds at Gjesværstappan