King crab safari 

 Season 10.06 - 28-10

Here we are!

Kobbenesveien 8

9765 Gjesvær

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The tour starts from our plant in Kobbenesveien 8 in Gjesvær.
Crab cages placed days in advance should now draes up from about 110 to 120meters. 

It takes from 20 to 30 minutes by boat to the fishing grounds.
Usually we just pull a cage, but it also happens that we have to pull 2 to get enough for a good meal. We add new pastures in their cages as they are drawn, and they are released again




The king crab is cleaned so it is throw them in the pot when
we come back. After a half hour

the crabs are ready to be eaten, 

a wonderful delicious meal in our restaurant where you

can buy the wine that best

suits your meal.






Standard Tour
Max number of persons: 5

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At the trip end you will enjoy a fantastic meal

with fresh crab of the day we just brought to be cooked,

with bread and mayonnaise.
































































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