Deep sea fishing

                                                                                             Deep Sea Fishing


We offer the opportunity for deep-sea fishing in one of the world’s most fish populated sea.

On our tour in this area you have the opportunity of seeing and getting close to Whales, Dolphins and many different Sea Birds.  The place we describe is “Gjesvær” in North Cape region. Gjesvær (pronounced Yasvar) right next to the sea gives you a rare chance to catch a variety of fish for example; Cod, Catfish, Haddock, Pollack, Redfish and even Halibuton a good day!!

You can hire a specially equipped boat for touring,

and fishing with a professional fisherman and tour guide that lives in the area

If desired we can also assist you with packing the fish you caught in consumer packages marked according to the food supervision regulations. When packed according to these regulations, you can take all you catch out of the country instead of just a few kilos.


The record catch for Halibut in this area was greater then a whopping 200 kg!!

Season: 01.06 to 10.08 

Standard Tour

Trip duration: 2,5 hours

Maximum people on board 5



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Phone: +47 950 37 722

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